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2022 06 20
Important for the Ukrainians: Hot Line 1808 will be open 24/7

In response to the flows of the war refugees from Ukraine that are not decreasing and in order to provide the Ukrainians coming to Lithuania with the information about social and health care, registration centres, returning home, and other important issues, Hot Line 1808 operating 24/7 will be launched on the 20th of June. 

2022 05 25_SADM_Children of Ukraine.jpg
2022 05 25
Minister Monika Navickienė: Europe is rallying to stop the abduction of Ukrainian children to Russia

Today, the Minister of Social Security and Labour Monika Navickienė together with the Minister of Social Policy of Ukraine Maryna Lazebna signed a joint statement condemning Russia's draft amendments authorising the simplified adoption in Russia of Ukrainian children transferred from the Donbass and Luhansk regions of ...

2022 04 12_SADM_Benefits for Ukrainians.jpg
2022 04 12
Relevant for Ukrainians: they can apply for a settlement allowance and compensation for the child's upbringing

People who have fled the war in Ukraine, settled in our country and have been granted temporary protection status may already apply to the municipalities of the declared residence or place of residence for one-time settlement allowance and monthly compensation for upbringing of the child under 6 years of ...

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