Non-governmental sector

One of the operational objectives of the Ministry of Social Security and Labour is to form a policy for the development of communities and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and to organize, coordinate and control the implementation thereof.

The Ministry of Social Security and Labour:

  • analyses the activities and formation processes of communities, and promotes the creation of an active social community;
  • prepares and implements tools for the social development of communities, and provides communities with methodological support;
  • puts forth proposals to the Government of the Republic of Lithuania regarding the creation of legal and economic conditions appropriate for a community to function;
  • analyses the activities of NGOs and puts forth proposals to the Government of the Republic of Lithuania regarding the improved regulation and further development of non-governmental organizations.

The primary operational objective of non-governmental organizations is in the protection of public interest and the creation of public welfare. NGOs arise from civil initiative and the desire to solve current issues and satisfy the needs that the government and business sectors are unable to address.

The activities of NGOs in Lithuania cover various areas that are beneficial to society and important for the successful development of the state, such as: consumer protection, human rights advocacy, community building, environmental protection, preservation of culture and heritage, social exclusion, poverty reduction, development of social service , and promotion of international cooperation.

Strong and competent NGOs represent the country at international organizations, promote volunteering, increase civic and corporate social responsibility, and attract funds from private sponsors and international foundations and organizations, or by carrying out commercial activities, thereby creating both social and economic value for the state.

The chief obstacles to the development of the non-governmental sector are a lack of active citizenship, poor NGO administrative and financial resources, and underdeveloped cooperation between NGOs and public authorities.

Last updated: 17-01-2024