Lithuania and Ukraine Have Agreed on Conditions for Workers


2018 12 07


Over the past year, the percentage of Ukrainians among foreigners arriving in Lithuania has been increasing. Ukrainians were the recipients of 18,929 multiple-entry national visas from January to October this year, which is 60% of all national visas granted on employment grounds. Over the same time period, Ukrainians also received the most permits for temporary residence in Lithuania: 8,047 residence visas, which was 60 per cent of all such permits issued.

In order to ensure greater protection of the rights and interests of workers from both countries and reduction of illegal work migration, on 7 December the Government of Lithuania and Ukraine’s Cabinet of Ministers signed an agreement concerning employment and cooperation in the field of employment migration.

The agreement stipulates that the minimum wage for workers from countries involved in the agreement, who are employed in the other country’s territory, shall not be lower than the wage that would be earned by a worker who is a local resident doing the same job for the same employer. Also agreed upon were working conditions for workers doing compulsory work trips in the country they are working in, and procedures for reporting about workers doing compulsory work trips were decided.

In the agreement, no new conditions about the issue of permits for temporary employment or residence were decided. Reminder: it is the current legislation of the receiving/employing country  that regulates the arrangements for and the length of work permits or temporary residence permits, entry into the receiving/employing country’s territory and length of stay in it, and employment relations therein for citizens of one of the countries that is party to the agreement who wish to work in the territory of the other country that is party to the agreement.

It is hoped that these provisions will help to reduce the incidence of illegal employment and to protect the rights of migrant workers.

The provision of social protection payments to migrant workers of the signatory countries and questions of social insurance fees to be paid by them shall be regulated by the Lithuania–Ukraine Treaty on Social Security, which came into effect on 08 February 2002.

The agreement that was signed had been prepared by the Ministry of Social Security and Employment, having regard to a statement made in December 2017 by Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko on a visit to Vilnius, when the presidents of both countries expressed concern over employment of Ukrainians in Lithuania, and social guarantees for them.

Linas Linkevičius, Minister for Foreign Affairs, signs the Agreement on behalf of the Government of the Republic of Lithuania.