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2023 01 17
Opening ceremony of the EU Twinning Project

On 17th of January 2023, the opening ceremony of the EU Twinning Project “Support to pension reform in Azerbaijan – Phase 2” will be held with the participation of Mr. Sahil Babayev, the Minister of Labour and Social Protection of Population of the Republic of Azerbaijan, Mr. Peter Michalko, the Ambassador of the European Union to the Republic of Azerbaijan, Mr. Egidijus Navikas, the ...

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2022 11 28
People’s income in 2023: higher salaries, bigger pensions for seniors, increase in other benefits

After the Seimas’ approval of the draft budgets of the state and municipalities, also of Sodra, in the field of social security and labour it is important to know that in 2023 there will be an increase in the old-age pensions, work-incapacity, widows’ / widowers’ and orphans’ pensions, target compensations for the ...

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2022 11 16
Partners providing discounts to Family Card holders will be awarded at the event in Kaunas

For the last three years, large families or families raising disabled children in Lithuania have been able to use the Family Card. As the day of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child approaches, which is celebrated on 20 November, the Family Card partners' event will be held in Kaunas. During it, partners will be ...

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2022 06 20
Important for the Ukrainians: Hot Line 1808 will be open 24/7

In response to the flows of the war refugees from Ukraine that are not decreasing and in order to provide the Ukrainians coming to Lithuania with the information about social and health care, registration centres, returning home, and other important issues, Hot Line 1808 operating 24/7 will be launched on the 20th of June. 

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2022 05 25
Minister Monika Navickienė: Europe is rallying to stop the abduction of Ukrainian children to Russia

Today, the Minister of Social Security and Labour Monika Navickienė together with the Minister of Social Policy of Ukraine Maryna Lazebna signed a joint statement condemning Russia's draft amendments authorising the simplified adoption in Russia of Ukrainian children transferred from the Donbass and Luhansk regions of ...

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2022 04 12
Relevant for Ukrainians: they can apply for a settlement allowance and compensation for the child's upbringing

People who have fled the war in Ukraine, settled in our country and have been granted temporary protection status may already apply to the municipalities of the declared residence or place of residence for one-time settlement allowance and monthly compensation for upbringing of the child under 6 years of ...

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2022 04 12
Residents and businesses that have hosted Ukrainians can already apply for compensation

Owners of housing and other habitable accommodation that have housed Ukrainian war refugees can apply for compensation from April. They need to contact the municipal administration where the housing or other habitable premises are registered. 

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2022 04 07
У квітні допомогу продуктами харчування отримають майже 170 тисяч малозабезпечених осіб, у тому числі біженці війни

З 4 квітня продовольча допомога надійде до малозабезпечених осіб та іноземців, які втекли від війни в Україні. Підтримка малозабезпечених осіб цього року досягне ще чотири рази – ...

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2022 04 01
The ministry reminds: it is very important to recognize the crime and seek help

The Ministry of Social Security and Labour reminds the Lithuanian population and Ukrainians who have come to the country how to recognize trafficking in human beings, where people who were victims of crime have to seek help. 

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2022 03 25
Food cards for people who have escaped war

"Maisto bankas" cards worth 115 euros have been distributed to Ukrainian people who have fled the war to our country. They can be used to buy food in stores belonging to one of the retail chains operating in Lithuania. The following is all the necessary assistance to the Ukrainians who have fled the horrors of war. 

2022 03 04_SADM_Socialine parama ukrainieciams_EN.jpg
2022 03 24
Ukrainian war refugees in Lithuania: what social support are they entitled to?

Ukrainian war refugees in Lithuania are granted temporary protection for one year, and, if necessary, it can be extended for another year. Granting temporary protection to a particular foreigner is a process taking place in stages.

2022 03 24_SADM_Робота в Литві.jpg
2022 03 23
Що важливо знати українцям, хто хоче влаштуватися на роботу чи на початку роботи?

Які документи мені потрібно отримати після прибуття в Литву?  Ви повинні зареєструватися в Департаменті міграції за посиланням Департамент міграції видає документ, що підтверджує реєстрацію, в якому вказуються ім’я, прізвище, дата ...

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