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2021 01 05_SADM_pandemija tesiasi valstybes parama 2021m_EN.jpg
2021 01 05
Relevant for residents affected by the pandemic: what state support you can use

As the pandemic continues, this year, employers, workers, low-income individuals, parents raising at home young or disabled children, if necessary, will also be able to benefit from the state support measures.

2020 12 21_SADM patvirtintas 2021 biudzetas.jpg
2020 12 28
Approved budget of 2021: child money, pensions, allowances and the minimum wage will increase

Budgets of the state, municipalities and Sodra have already been approved, so it is clear how we will live in 2021. Next year, child money, retirement pensions, pensions for incapacity for work and other pensions, and the minimum wage will grow.

2020 09 30_SADM_ nedarbingumas ir ligos ismokos_en.jpg
2020 09 30
The Seimas finally approved the amendments: benefits will be paid for the isolation of children

The Seimas finally approved the proposal to pay sickness benefits for the care of young children or children with disabilities when they must self-isolate due to traveling to country affected by the coronavirus or had a direct contact with a affected person.

2020 08 03_SADM_darbo kodekso pakeitimai_EN.jpg
2020 08 03
Changes in the Labour Code: relevant to those with health problems, working on project work, to workers posted to Lithuania

At the beginning of August, various amendments to the Labour Code come into force, which are relevant to many. For those with health disorders there are more guarantees at work, the duration of project work is extended, and the working conditions of foreigners posted to Lithuania and ...

Subsidijos už vyresnius darbuotojus_en.png
2020 06 12
Employers Receive Higher Subsidies for Employees Aged 60 and Older

Older workers fear that the economic hardship caused by the pandemic will make employers less inclined to keep them in employment, as older people are at greater risk from a health point of view. For this reason, it was decided to pay subsidies to employers for older workers put to downtime during the state of emergency or quarantine.

2020 06 08_Kas priklauso gyventojams kritus pajamoms_en.png
2020 06 11
What Help can the Low-Income Residents Expect from the State?

Anyone can experience financial hardship throughout life: it can be caused by a pandemic, economic crisis, sudden loss of job, family crises, lack of social skills, or other misfortunes. 

subsidijos darbdaviams_en.jpg
2020 05 20
State Aid with Quarantine already Mitigating: Everything you Need to Know about Subsidies

The State pays subsidies to companies that have announced downtime for employees during quarantine to cover part of their salaries, which during the downtime cannot be less than the minimum monthly salary for all normal working hours.

pagalba po karantino_web_En.png
2020 05 12
Approved aid package after quarantine: 1.4 million Lithuanians will benefit

The Seimas approved special aid and support measures for employees, the self-employed, people who lost their jobs and employers after quarantine. Most of these measures will be applied temporarily, until the country succeeds in recovering from the shock of the coronavirus pandemic. However, social benefits as well as reimbursement for heating costs ...

Subsidies for employers and benefits for self-employed persons.jpg
2020 04 10
Decisions taken regarding subsidies for employers and self-employed persons (main steps)

Employers will be able to get  90 percent or 70 percent level state subsidies when downtime must be imposed during the extreme situation and quarantine. During this difficult period, self-employed persons will be granted a benefit of EUR 257 per month.

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