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2019 05 27
OECD experts will help implement a centralised annuity system in Lithuania

Lithuania has reformed the second pillar pension system as of 2019, and the Social Insurance Fund Board (SODRA) will become the centralised pension annuity provider from 2020.

2019 02 28
ILO Experts Helped for Lithuania to Prepare for the Ratification of the ILO Convention Concerning Minimum Standards of Social Security

On 26-27 February social protection experts from the International Labour Organization (ILO) met with the specialists from the Ministry of Social Security and Labour and the Ministry of Health to discuss Lithuania’s preparedness for the ratification of the ILO Convention...

2019 02 07
Official Launch of the Centenary of the International Labour Organisation

On 22 January, 2019 International Labour Organisation (ILO) has launched the report by the ILO Global Commission on the Future of Work marking the official start of the ILO100 celebrations.

2018 12 07
Lithuania and Ukraine Have Agreed on Conditions for Workers

Over the past year, the percentage of Ukrainians among foreigners arriving in Lithuania has been increasing. Ukrainians were the recipients of 18,929 multiple-entry national visas from January to October this year, which is 60% of all national visas granted on employment grounds. Over the same time period, Ukrainians also received the most permits for temporary residence...

2018 12 06
Good News for Parents with Children – the Seimas Approved Increasing Child Money to 50 Euros

The Seimas has approved amendments to the Law on Benefits for Children, whereby, beginning in 2019, every child will receive 50 Euros in benefits, and large and poor families will also receive an additional 20 Euros together with child’s money. This means that children living in large and poor families will receive 70 Euros in...

2018 12 05
Government Has Agreed to Amendment of Laws to Make it Possible to Remove Children from Parents only in Extreme Cases (Diagram/Chart and Statistics - Inside)

The Government has agreed to proposed amendments of the Law on the Fundamentals of Children’s Rights Protection and other laws prepared by the Ministry of Social Security and Labour, whereby the children’s rights protection system that started in...

2018 06 13
Lithuanian representative Jonas Ruškus re-elected to UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities

Lithuanian representative, Professor Jonas Ruškus will continue his work at the UN Committee on the Rights of the Persons with Disabilities. On 12 June Lithuanian candidate was re-elected for a second four-year term beginning in 2019 during the 11th session of the Conference of States Parties to the UN...

2018 06 11
Experts analyze the experience of Lithuania

The states are struggling to unite the forces of their institutions and want to encourage the unemployed to work. A new model of cooperation between territorial labour exchange offices and municipalities is also being prepared in Lithuania which seeks to provide services for the unemployed that suits his or her needs.

2018 06 08
Women World Political Leaders held a Discussion with Minister Linas Kukuraitis What Helps Women Get Ahead

Minister of Social Security and Labour Linas Kukuraitis, participated in the Women Political Leaders (WPL) Summit “It‘s about Time! 100 Reasons To Act!“ which took place in Vilnius and emphasized that “In order to promote motherhood is necessary to ensure maternal and prenatal health services and provide all other...

2018 06 06
Vice-Minister of Social Security and Labour Eglė Radišauskienė: Equality between Women and Men Begins with Equal Pay for the Same Job

At the International Labour Conference (ILO) held in Geneva, representatives of governments, employees and employers discussed how to strengthen social dialogue and tripartite cooperation in the changing world of nowadays work.

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2018 05 23
The Youth Council focuses on the demographic and migration challenges

The EU Youth Council focused on issues of Demography, Migration and Information Literacy in its meeting.

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