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Social indicators

  2020 01 08
Minimum monthly wage (2021) 642
Minimum hourly wage (2021) 3.93
Basic amount for calculation of wage for state politicians, judges, civil servants and public officers for 2021 177
Average wage (without individual enterprises) in the III quarter 2019:  
gross        1317.6
  net  834.3
   Employment rate of the population aged 15-64 in the III quarter 2019          73.2
 male  73.4
  female  73.0
  Unemployment rate in the III quarter 2019  6.1
  Number of unemployed in the III quarter 2019  88 900
 Minimum unemployment social insurance benefit 141.25
Maximum unemployment social insurance benefit Can not exceed 58.18 % of the national average wage*
Average unemployment social insurance benefit per month in November 2019 338.4
State social insurance basic pension 180.95
Basic state pension 58
Basic state social insurance survivor's pension 26.13
Average old age pension per month in November 2019 344.5
Average old age pension in case a person has the compulsory insurance record in November 2019 365
Pension point value 3.81
Indexation coefficient of 2020 1.0811
Indexation coefficient for basic pension of 2020 1.0994
State supported income 125
Basic social benefit 39
Social assistance pension base 140
Targeted compensation base 117
Amount of minimum consumption needs for co-residents, as defined by the law of the Republic of Lithuania on cash social assistance for the poor:  
First 257
Second 206
Third and subsequent 180

  * which was in force during the previous calendar quarter from the date the unemployed person registered with the Employment Service 

Last updated: 04-02-2021