Technical safety

Technical safety is an important part of the labour policy. It is aimed at planning legal and organisational measures at all stages of equipment design, production, operation and maintenance to ensure that such equipment is safe and poses no threats to humans, property and environment.


The Law on Supervision of Potentially Dangerous Equipment provides legal regulation of technical safety. The Law outlines the maintenance system for potentially dangerous equipment and defines the equipment which is subject to this system, lists competence requirements for institutions performing technical assessment of equipment. The provisions of the Law on Supervision of Potentially Dangerous Equipment are consistent with the practices of the EU countries where compulsory technical assessment of equipment is treated as a service provided by competitive competent maintenance inspection institutions under market conditions. 


The Ministry of Social Security and Labour authorises economic operators to inspect this potentially dangerous equipment: tanks for dangerous materials and their facilities; lifts and their facilities; cableways installations, funiculars and their facilities; lifting cranes and their facilities; recreational equipment and their facilities.


economic operators have been entitled to perform assessment of technical status of potentially dangerous equipment: the Technical Supervision Service; the Supervision Service of Elevating Gears; Inspecta, UAB; Lithuanian and German Join Stock Company TUVLITA Technical Inspection Service; BALTICRAILTEST Ltd and RTS Group Ltd.