Women World Political Leaders held a Discussion with Minister Linas Kukuraitis What Helps Women Get Ahead


2018 06 08


Minister of Social Security and Labour Linas Kukuraitis, participated in the Women Political Leaders (WPL) Summit “It‘s about Time! 100 Reasons To Act!“ which took place in Vilnius and emphasized that “In order to promote motherhood is necessary to ensure maternal and prenatal health services and provide all other social guarantees“.

In discussions with representatives of the European Commission, the World Health Organization, Oxford University, parliamentarians from Nigeria and Romania, the Minister drew attention to the importance of providing social security and health care services for the most vulnerable groups of women. In the areas of health and social security, protection is not only needed for hard-living families, victims of violence but also the challenges of multicultural world promote going into deep in the following: how to help for representatives of uncommon religions in Lithuania, persons arriving to work from third-countries and displaced persons.

According to our national Law on Health Insurance, pregnant women who are asylum seekers or have temporary protection in Lithuania are entitled to free pregnancy care and childbirth services, as well as the free care for their children is guaranteed.

More than 300 high-level delegates from all over the world discussed the empowerment of women in their leadership on this important event on 6-8 June, 2018. World Political Women Leaders shared their best practices and experiences.