Head of the Nordic Council of Ministers Office: ‘Social Security is one of the most important things in our lives’


2017 11 14


Child welfare and family support, labour market inclusion and full community participation for people with disabilities, the prevention of violence against children and women, assistance for victims of human trafficking, equal opportunities for women and men, the integration of refugees, the welfare and labour market inclusion of senior citizens, youth issues – such is the wide range of topics that unites the Nordic Council of Ministers and the Ministry of Social Security and Labour.

Together with his team, Minister of Social Security and Labour Linas Kukuraitis received Helén Nilsson (Sweden), the new director of the Nordic Council of Ministers Office in Lithuania, on the 14th of October.

Ms Nilsson, who began her new duties in September, presented the key topics regarding operational continuity and new opportunities for co-operation to Minister Kukuraitis. Social protection priorities, the trans-institutional future, and the potential benefits of Nordic experience in implementing the ministry's action plans were the key points of the meeting.


“Next year, Sweden will preside over the Nordic Council of Ministers, and Lithuania will co-preside and contribute to Sweden’s activities. We are already taking initiative and responsibility now, and have already planned to hold several Nordic conferences on the situation of rural women, the impact of digitisation and robotisation on the labour market, access of women born abroad to the labour market in the Nordic region and gender equality, as well as masculinity. In this way, we are also testifying that social protection is perhaps the most important thing in our lives,” said Ms Nilsson in presenting the projects.

“We want to follow the Nordic countries; we want to reach out to their experience and best practice, feel balanced professional community, and, by sharing expertise and applying all knowledge of social protection, maximise the benefits for our families and children and all socially disadvantaged people,” said Minister Kukuraitis.